Employment Requirements

To be employed by Heritage Home Health Care Inc. the individual must fully complete an Employment Application with legible and accurate information.  A copy of the applicant’s resume may be attached to list prior work experience and education

Completion of DHS Individualized Personal Care Assistant Training – State of Minnesota requires all PCA applicants to have already passed the Individualized Personal Care Assistant Training offered through Minnesota Department of Human Services.  Applicants must print their training completion certificate and include it with their application.  (details for completing test are enclosed with the employee application packet)

Background Study Policy – Minnesota state law requires that all direct care and manager/supervisor employees who have direct contact with a consumer in their home or in the community must pass a criminal background study with each agency they are employed with.  This background study will be processed by Heritage Home Health Care Inc. (at no cost to the employee) through the Minnesota Department of Human Services prior to the start of employment.  If any employee fails to meet this requirement now or later they will be immediately terminated. 

** Employees cannot work prior to receiving a completed background study notice stating the PCA or QP is not disqualified or has had a disqualification set aside. Heritage Home Health Care Inc. will notify the Consumer (or RP) when the employee is eligible to begin working.

** Employees cannot work if their name appears on the OIG (Office of Inspector General – www.oig.hhs.gov) exclusion list. No exceptions.

**The State of Minnesota requires employees to maintain a clear background study result at all times.  Any employee may have their criminal background study be updated or processed at any time, for any or no reason.  If an employee is later disqualified by DHS, or appears on the OIG exclusion list, their employment with Heritage Home Health Care Inc. will be immediately terminated on the date the disqualification is effective or the date of appearance on the OIG list.  In the event of future disqualification from DHS, Heritage Home Health Care Inc. will only process pay for dates worked up to the date of disqualification.  Heritage Home Health Care Inc. will not accept any timesheets for any period of time in which a background status or a set aside request is pending.  

**Heritage Home Health Care Inc. reserves the right to declare any employee who has a disqualification set-aside and decline to honor the set aside from DHS resulting in termination or denial of employment to the individual.


For more information regarding the MN-DHS background study process (requirements, disqualifications, disclosures, appeals, etc.)

Please visit:  http://www.revisor.leg.state.mn.us/stats/245C